My experience working with Alisha (Dr. Wilkes) as my midwife was exceptional. She was very supportive of me and my choices all through my pregnancy, delivery, and post partum period. Alisha is educated, informed, and knowledgeable, but also funny, caring, and a shoulder to cry on. My second birth at home with Alisha was a dream compared to my first in the hospital with an OB. Not to mention the standard of care throughout my pregnancy was much higher. If I had a question, Alisha was always available via phone, text, or email, and she truly cared about any problem I had, no matter how seemingly small. If I were to have another baby, Alisha would be my first choice for midwifery care again. I would never hesitate to recommend her care to anyone!


Pregnancy/Birth/Postpartum Client

Alisha Wilkes is such a warm and caring doctor…she is a real person, so easy to talk to.  I immediately knew after meeting and talking with her for only a few minutes that she was in this profession for all the right reasons and loves what she does.  Her passion is obvious.  It is refreshing, and frankly, quite a relief, to have found a caregiver that truly wants to take the time to listen, and not just rush me out the door, prescription in hand.  I immediately scheduled an appointment for my teen daughter to be seen by her, as well, and very much look forward to her delivering my grand babies someday!!

Women's Health Client

We had a wonderful home birth experience with Alisha as our midwife. Alisha was a great support to our family from beginning of the pregnancy to the arrival of our new baby boy and her knowledge and wisdom as both a midwife and nurse practitioner was such a comfort and help throughout the pregnancy, birth and beyond.

We really appreciated her guidance and holistic approach to care. She was able to clearly explain our options for any procedures and processes so we always understood what to expect and what was happening. She took her time when answering questions, never leaving us wondering or feeling rushed. We were always able to easily get a hold of Alisha with any questions or concerns we had before, after and during the birth. Alisha was also very respectful of our questions, thoughts and wishes for the birth. Her presence during the birth helped me feel supported and capable while bringing our baby into the world. I couldn’t have imagined a more fulfilling, empowering, efficient and beautiful home birth and I was so blessed to have Alisha’s support throughout.


Pregnancy/Birth/Postpartum & Women's Health Client

Before I met Alisha Wilkes, I had been seeking answers to several life disrupting health problems for over two years but with no luck. Several specialists and several thousands of dollars later I gave up in frustration for over a year. When I heard Alisha speak at an event I knew immediately that I wanted her to be my primary care practitioner. She embodies all the qualities that I was looking for: knowledge, humor, caring, openness, and a passion for supporting women. In our first visit together we spent two hours getting to know each other; building a relationship of trust and respect. It was like a soothing balm to me.  Together we created a plan and I am on a path to vibrant health again. On a scale of 1 to 10, I give Alisha an 11; she is simply the best!


Women's Health Client

I’ve received care from Dr. Alisha Wilkes on 3 occasions now. She made me feel special and not just like another client. At the end of our first meeting, she asked if I liked hugs instead of a handshake, of coarse I do! I knew then she was the right Dr. for me. During my last visit, I was quite scared to have an IUD placed in my uterus. She explained everything so thoroughly and had the utmost patience for me and my apprehensions. I will highly recommend her to everyone! Patient, compassionate, professional, and knowledgable, that’s Dr. Alisha Wilkes!


Women's Health client

I first met Alisha several years ago when I took a prenatal yoga class she was teaching. I was so comforted by her voice and personality that I hired her as my doula.  Our conversations helped me gain confidence to follow my intuition and choose my first non hospital birth.  She was there when I chose to change care providers mid pregnancy and she was there on her birthday when i gave birth to my 4th child.  Her presence during that birth comforted me more than I can explain. I credit her with my ability to attain the natural, non hospital birth I so wanted.  She has such a calming, loving presence that put me at ease.  She will always be a huge part of my life and the fact that she has since become a midwife makes me want to have another for the sole reason of having her as my midwife.


Doula/Prenatal Yoga Client