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Being at home

There is so much to be said for birthing at home. My perspective includes the experiences of home birth as a friend, as a doula, and as a midwife. Each experience has been unique, as all births are, but as I reflect upon my experiences I find similarities that beg to be acknowledged. Home offers comfort. As a person who acclimates well and quickly to new environments I work well in various settings. Homes, however, are by far the more comfortable birth setting. In the majority of homes things such as removing your shoes, sitting on the floor and relaxing are normal and easily achieved. Burning candles, diffusing essential oils, bathing, and eating are more easily accessible. I have attended home births in which the environment itself led me into a deeply meditative state which I was able to sustain throughout, despite my role necessitating my keen awareness and access to skills. Home is where the heart is.  Although it may be an overused cliche, I find I am able to access information about clients and their families by being in their homes that I may never know otherwise. Many would not be able to describe in words what they share by inviting me into their home. Photos, art, paint color, furniture, chachkes, or lack thereof, all serve to inform me as to what or whom is loved, cherished, and/or desired by the people I attend. I consider the invitation into a person’s home an opportunity to discover what is in their heart. Home is a safe location for to birth (planned, with a skilled attendant, for low risk pregnancies) A study of over 16,000 published in...
Snoqualmie Midwife Alisha Wilkes

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